Example: Domino's Pizza

Dutch TV Commercial with Poll and Active / Passive Banners

This Domino's pizza commercial contains several interactive elements, within this example you'll find the Active banner, passive banners and a polling system (live data) to ask the users for feedback.


Live Data can be displayed at the viewer’s request. Live polling data, sports statistics, Twitter feeds are some clear examples. In this Domino's Commercial it is used to select Netherlands favorite pizza.

[image: Active banner 13-15 sec.]

With the Domino's Pizza Poll it's easy to ask user feedback. The poll can be accessed with the button over the complete video when the viewer presses pause. Viewers are only able to vote once per day (default setting), no double entries can be made in the database to influence the outcome. Complete styling is done with a CSS-stylesheet.

Active Banners

Active Banners or messages can be displayed to the viewers to relay a message. They can be any shape and at any place. Multiple contextual banners are possible within one video. they will appear on top of the screen, always visible.

[image: Active banner 13-15 sec.]

The first banner has a default button connected to a general link and is visible on top of the video from 13-15 sec. Of course the active banner can also be used to inform the user to press pause and find more information available, to attend the user that there is a live poll available.

Only the defined 'click-region' or in this case the "Klik hier"-circle can be clicked. To learn more about the click-region in a banner please consult the How-to banner section.
[image: Active banner 17-20 sec.]

The second is an intelligent active banner that detects the user platform and displays the right button for the viewers platform (aka IOS | Android | Web) to download in this case the Domino's gift app. The viewer does not need to search for the app in the app-store but can download the app with a direct click. [in this example we hardcoded IOS app].

Passive Banner

Clickable Banners are displayed when video is paused or mouse points at screen. They can be any shape and at any place. They can be video or an image. Multiple contextual banners are possible within one video.

[image: Passive banner 0-4 sec.]

When the viewer pauses the domino's commercial in the first 4 seconds a passive banner is displayed, in this case the complete banner has a 100% click-region and will take you to the Domino's website of the Netherlands.

Banner can be connected to the latest offerings of in this case Domino's, without updating the commercial.